Skywatch Friday – Sunset through trees

Here’s my Skywatch Friday post. I snapped this photo in Scarborough one late afternoon in the huge field on the western side of the Scarborough Mission property. Hope you like it.

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12 Responses to Skywatch Friday – Sunset through trees

  1. Guy D says:

    I love shot of the sun through tree branches, this one is fantastic.

  2. fickleinpink says:

    that is so perfect! i love sunsets…

    Come and visit my piece of sky if you have the time!

    life’s beautiful!

  3. Bobbie says:

    two of my favorite things – a sunset and trees. And you have done them so well!

  4. Paula says:

    I like it very much, especially the sun peeking through the trees. I’m a sucker for silhouette photos anyway, this one is really striking.

  5. April says:

    Lovely sunset sky and beautiful tree branches! Very pretty!

  6. Lindz says:

    oh I do liek this photo, it’s different

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