Cliff Face

Well I got out today and took a bunch of photos. Almost 900, in fact. Keep in mind I almost always use auto bracketing, so each photo is taken at three different exposures. So I actually took more like 300 or so. Anyway, with this photo I married three photos together to create this one, with a higher dynamic range. If you’re scratching your head wondering what it is, it’s a macro shot of a rotted tree trunk in a local ravine I spent the afternoon shooting in. I’ve got a bunch of them, so don’t be surprised to see another one or two turn up down the road. When I was done merging the three photo and tweaking contrast and such, I ended up with a 75 meg .tiff file, believe or not. Of course that dropped to just under 4 megs once I converted it to jpeg. And I’ve resized again prior to posting, so it’s not a mere 758K. This is at the Glen Manor Ravine, which is very close to my home. Anyway, I hope you like it. It’s a bit different for me.

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