Gritty City at Dusk


What really attracted me to this scene was the sliver of light in the far horizon and how it reflected off the pavement and streetcar tracks just so. I played with this photo, upping the contrast and dialling back the saturation. I was trying for an old, gritty sort of industrial look. Like something you’d see in one of those ’70s cop movies set in New York City, you know, with that grainy weird coloured film. Anyway, I seem to be attracted to that type of “feel.” Not sure why. This photo was taken on King St., I think, facing west from Church St., in Toronto (of course). Hope you like it. I will be posting shots of the illuminated buildings from the Heritage Lighting Event, maybe one tonight. I’m still editing. All in all I took almost 900 photos.

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4 Responses to Gritty City at Dusk

  1. Mauro Metallo says:

    Ahhh… This is a great photo of our great City!
    I love the perspective and the colors-not-so-colors!

  2. Jan Smith says:

    Great perspective! – I need to get out more and take photos. I’ve been too busy lately. 😦

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