Bus in Blurrrr


I met up with a friend at the mall late this afternoon and on my way home came across a wonderful sunset. I stopped at the Kennedy Rd hydro corridor and snapped a handful of post-sunset photos with large hydro towers in the scene. It’s the same place I took my first sunrise photos back in the summer. You can look through my table of contents for them, if you wish. I believe they’re all under the category, Hydro Sunrise. Anyway, while I’ll be posting some of those sunset photos in the next few days, I thought I’d post this one of a passing bus. It’s blurred because I had my camera set to night scene, which keeps the shutter open longer. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my tripod with me so the photo’s not as sharp as I’d like, but what can you do.

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2 Responses to Bus in Blurrrr

  1. zem says:

    Nice shot. Bus looks like it is moving at a good clip when captured like this. Have a look at “warp speed” post on my site http://www.zemphoto.wordpress.com – we may have been on the same TTC wavelength.

    • davecandoit says:

      Actually, it was just getting going from a stop, so probably doing like 30 km/hrs. I’ve never shot anything like this before and am happy with how it turned out. Thanks for popping by and commenting. I checked out your “warp speed” photo and boy that’s one sweet shot.

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