Under the Expressway


We have a raised expressway here in Toronto called the Gardiner Expressway, named after Fred G. Gardiner, Metro Toronto’s first chair. The province originally offered to name the Humber River sewage plant after him, but he declined their generous offer. 🙂 The city is now talking about tearing down the expressway, since it serves as a major artery for vehicles travelling in and out of the city from the western suburbs, which of course goes against the city council’s war on cars. On my way to the zombie walk I crossed a bridge that is under the expressway, so I stopped to snap a couple photos. This one seemed to suit black & white, so there you go. Hope you like it.

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12 Responses to Under the Expressway

  1. lynnwiles says:

    I have been tempted to stroll beneath the freeways, but haven’t found too many places where that is a safe thing to do.

    • davecandoit says:

      Yeah, you really need a photography buddy for that stuff. I once asked on a photography forum if anyone with high-end camera gear ever got concerned about getting mugged when shooting street photography and someone answered they carry pepper spray in their kit. I thought that wasn’t a bad idea at all. When (if) I ever get camera gear that’s actually worth stealing, I’m getting me some pepper spray.

  2. Mauro Metallo says:

    I like the harsh contrast in this image: I think it suits the subject.I have been around there before, and brought back a bunch of frames of homeless people.
    And msny sad stories…


    • davecandoit says:

      I took one photo of a homeless person on a street corner and it’s bothered me since. I’m not sure I can photograph homeless. But if they were willing to let me for money, maybe I’d feel better about it. As for the contrast, I find I tend to lean heavy on the contrast with most of my black & whites.

  3. Mauro Metallo says:

    I don’t know either…
    I took a series of 24 pics, for an essay that I never published or even posted. May be I felt bad about it…
    I was there with a bunch of change and I distibuited it to them: Many were happy to let me take a picture, and many other didn’t even aknowledge my presence, or the fact that I gave them money. That was disconcerting…
    However, none of them showed any interest in my camera… I guess because I’m used carry it around without being so worried, so I just look like the ” usual photographer”…


    • davecandoit says:

      If you don’t mind me asking, Mauro, what kind of camera and lens(es) are you shooting with? Based on your blog and flikr site I’m guessing something pretty darn sweet, right? 🙂

      I like getting photos when people are unaware of being photographed. I think you get more honest shots. My wee p & s has only a 6x zoom, so I can’t do too much. With my next camera I’ll get a longer second lens, like something 55mm to 200mm.

  4. Mauro Metallo says:

    No problem… I use Leica cameras & lenses: M4-2 + Summicron 50mm for film and a V-Lux for digital. I’m very happy with my gear.

  5. Mauro Metallo says:

    I can’t even afford to dream an M9: I heard they charge you $84.99 just for the privilege…

    • davecandoit says:

      Even if I did own one I’d be too afraid to take it out of the house. Drop it and you’d have to take out a mortgage to fix it. Is the Leica V-Lux the high end version of the Panasonic LX3? That’s arguable one of the best point & shoots on the market, at least in its price range.

  6. Mauro Metallo says:

    It’s not a P&S; I would say more a DSRL with a 35/400mm optizoom…

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