Day by Day Armageddon, by J.L. Bourne

Day by Day Armageddon

Since we’re talking about zombies this weekend (what with the Toronto Zombie Walk today), and since Halloween’s right around the corner, I thought I’d throw out a fitting book recommendation. If you’re into horror novels and have a particular, um, taste for zombies, then Day by Day Armageddon, by J.L. Bourne, might be just the book for you. I typically take a long time to read a novel, since I usually read in bed and fall asleep after a scant few pages, but this ‘end of the world’ nightmare kept me reading way past the wolfing hour. It’s not a long book, but boy is it packed with ‘edge of your seat’ energy. It reads like the real deal, what the world might look like to the few survivors if most of the population died off and re-awoke as human munching zombies. The book is written much like a daily diary or blog, with dated entries almost every day. And as you can imagine, with each passing day, things just keep getting worse and worse. The sequel to this book is due next spring. I’d be amazed if this doesn’t become a blockbuster summer movie in the next few years.

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