Skywatch Friday – Cotton Candy Clouds


Here’s my entry for this week’s Skywatch Friday. I took a photo of this RV a while back and was surprised when I found the RV still at the same location. It’s right near the Distillery District. I was even more surprised that I got some lucky cloud cover to make things interesting. This photo is a combination of three photos merged for the HDR effect. Not sure if I did it exactly right but I’m pleased none the less. Hope you like it.

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18 Responses to Skywatch Friday – Cotton Candy Clouds

  1. Beautiful layers of clouds–great job on the merging of three photos.

  2. lizziviggi says:

    I think it’s brilliant! The clouds are almost 3-D. Actually, the RV is pretty cool, too.

  3. wildstorm says:

    You re right about the clouds and the mood they set for this photo. That old RV has a good story I bet.

  4. bookbabie says:

    It looks great, lots of depth and cool lighting:)

  5. lynnwiles says:

    Very nice – a second hdr that I like.

  6. Eileen says:

    Wonderful! Well done. Thanks for sharing your skywatch.

  7. Rune says:

    Brilliant shot! 🙂

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