Concrete Wall in Abstract


Here is another photo of the concrete wall. Like the first two, I’ve really enhanced the colours and dialled up the contrast and saturation. Hope you like it.

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8 Responses to Concrete Wall in Abstract

  1. lynnwiles says:

    Love this wall from every angle.

    • davecandoit says:

      Thanks. What’s so amazing to me is that this is nothing but a plain ol’ concrete wall with very mild colouring due to rust. But when you saturate it and up the contrast everything becomes hyper-coloured.

  2. Deva says:

    I think it looks great! I love the work you’ve done. I can’t really tell what the photo was like before the editing, but that’s a good this isn’t it? If you hadn’t written it, I would have thought it looked like this in the first place..

    • davecandoit says:

      Thanks. I was tempted to include the before photo too, but that’s sort of like peeking behind the curtain, isn’t it. It would take some of the magic away from the shot. Thanks for popping by.

  3. Donna Brockerville says:

    Totally AWESOME

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