Panoramic Hilltop



To get to Port Hope I usually take the 401 Hwy eastbound (Port Hope’s about an hour east of Toronto) and then get off on Mill Street in Newcastle. I head south and follow a backroad called Lakeshore Rd that runs pretty much parallel to the shoreline of Lake Ontario. It’s very rural and beautiful, especially for this city slicker. Anyway, there’s this huge hill next to one of the side roads. You can’t miss it, it’s so tall, like ten stories or more. I’ve climbed it a few times but never with camera in hand. Well, yesterday I got to the top of it and snapped some panoramic photos. Today I stitched together a few of them to create this very wide panorama of the area. To give you some perspective of how wide the photo is and how high up I am, in the first photo look for the farm house on the left side of the photo. In the second, check out the smoke stack in the distance. The second photo is a continuation of the first, panning from left to right.

I love these kinds of shots, but I’m camera doesn’t do them justice. It’s fun anyway. Hope you like them. You’ll probably need to enlarge the photo (just click it) to appreciate the view.

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  1. davecandoit says:

    Thanks. It’s something a bit different for me.

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