Kite-boarding on Lake Ontario


Yesterday was a beautiful day and Toronto’s beaches were pretty busy. But it was a bit breezy, too. I snapped this photo of someone taking advantage of the windy conditions, kite-boarding on the windy waters of Lake Ontario. I struggled to get good shots, because my camera doesn’t have a viewfinder and the LCD screen was washed out from sunlight. I was pretty much snapping blind. I did catch a couple of good pics, though.

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4 Responses to Kite-boarding on Lake Ontario

  1. lynnwiles says:

    Look at YesBut’s today

  2. davecandoit says:

    Hi Lynn,
    How about that. It’s pretty much the same photo.

  3. yesbuts says:

    Lynn directed me to your blog – apart for the different background the similarity is uncanny.
    Needless to say its a brilliant action shot 🙂

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