5,000 Hits!




Boy time flies. It was just three months ago when I started this blog. June 1st, to be exact. I had this little point & shoot camera collecting dust on a shelf and decided one day to go out and take some photos. I’ve always found it hard to get excited about photography because the photos only end up collecting dust in some folder in the back of my hard drive. But the idea of a blog for my photos, a place to share them with the world, was appealing. I posted some of my photos from that first outing and that’s what really got me thinking about photography. Having an audience makes being creative a lot more fun, in my opinion. Anyway, today I hit 5,000 visitors. I’m not going to win any awards, but it’s not too bad for a three month old blog. And of course I owe a huge thank you to all who have visited and especially to those who have left such nice and generous comments here. You make it all worthwhile. The photos above are from my first outing back in May that never made the cut in my Ashbridge’s Bay outing collection. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks again for dropping by.

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