Panasonic Lumix GF1 Pricing!

GF1 redPanasonic GF1 in red (from

Well it seems pricing and availability of the new Panasonic GF1 is already being posted on some retailer websites here in Canada and the U.S. It’s pretty much as expected–not cheap. Vistek in Toronto states that the camera ETA is Oct 31st. I’d love one of these, but they’re pretty much the same price as a Nikon D90 with lens. The one advantage is the Panasonic would be far more user friendly, and portable. But if your plan is to become a pro photographer, then maybe the D90 (or Canon EOS 50D) is the better long-term bet. On the other hand, this new Panasonic would make a great transitional camera until you’re ready to get really serious. Trouble is, moving to a different manufacturer means investing in a new set of lenses. Most people stick to one camera company so they can reuse their lenses.

With the 14mm-45mm lens, the GF1 is going for $1,199.00 here in Toronto and $899.00 from in the U.S.  Vistek, click here. |, click here.

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