Moose Loose Inside Home!!!



I always enjoy macro photography, but my little panasonic point & shoot can do only so much. Anyway, I decided to try shooting some stuff around the house today. This moose makes up the base of a nice lamp my mom bought me a long time ago. I love this lamp. Later I’ll post a photo of the bookcase with the lamp on it so you can get an idea of the actual size. All in all, my macro shots came out okay. A bit of noise, but that’s to be expected. Once I get a dSLR I will be able to catch much cleaner shots. I decided to create a new category for my macro shots.

EDIT: A handful of these shots failed because my camera simply refused to focus on what I wanted. I just went back at it, but this time when the camera focused on the wrong part of the moose, I locked the focus and moved the camera until the right part came into focus. I managed to catch two more photos that I’m very happy with. I’ll post them later.

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