Leuty Lifeguard Station #2



Here are a couple of photos of the Leuty Lifeguard Station; the first with the morning sun painting its side wall and roof line.  That was one of the benefits of the large hill piled up near the Station. I could get shots I would have needed a tall ladder for. If you look in the distance at the right side of the first photograph, you’ll see the same smoke stack that’s been featured in earlier photos, under the category of Leslie St. Spit. My Leslie St. Spit photos of the smoke stack were taken west of the stack, while in this photo it is well east of my location, as you can see.

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4 Responses to Leuty Lifeguard Station #2

  1. diane says:

    You’ve posted lots of good photos today. Of today’s, these are my favorites.

  2. davecandoit says:

    I know. People are going to think I’m not actually looking for work. I am, honest injun.

    Thank you. These two are my favs too. The ball and spider are more fun photos than anything else.

  3. lynnwiles says:

    Beautiful morning light.

  4. davecandoit says:

    Makes for nice photos…

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