Early Morning Sky


Got up at 5:20 AM for a bathroom run and, fighting every urge in my body to climb back under the warm covers, headed out to the beach to snap photos of the rising sun. I then headed over to Rosetta McLean Park to try to catch some long shadows. Before we begin, a quick story. I load up the truck and rather than head down to the Beach, I decide to head to Tim Horton’s for a coffee to go. It’s in the opposite direction. It’s still night out. I approach a green light not far from home and as I enter the intersection to make my left (no traffic at all), a speeding car comes flying through the red light. Fortunately, I’m a savvy driver and always look for other traffic, even when I have the right-away. I saw what was going to happen and stopped in the intersection. The car got sideways with all fours locked solid, almost slamming into the sidewalk. I’m sure the Asian guy behind the wheel crapped his shorts. I then proceeded on and got my coffee. Funny how fate works. I almost got killed there, but I shouldn’t have even been there. That’s probably the first time I’d ever passed through that intersection at 5:30 AM ever! Strange huh? I think I’ll buy me a lotto ticket today.


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