Graffiti in Kensington


Here’s a photo of some lovely graffiti in Kensington Market. Posting it now got me thinking. All I’ve done is taken a photo of someone else’s art. What’s so special about that, right? It would like taking a photo of the Mona Lisa and putting it on your blog to show off your photography “skills.” But you haven’t actually created anything, only taken a copy of something already created. But then this train of thought got me considering photos of old churches and other interesting buildings. It was the architect’s vision and design that made the building interesting, not the photo. Get me? Like, don’t get me wrong, I don’t really give a rat’s patutty about any of it; I’ll still take my photos and appreciate them for what they are, but it’s odd that I never really considered this “what’s art” sort of question until now. I guess that’s called an epiphany, or maybe it’s time to put away the bong.

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2 Responses to Graffiti in Kensington

  1. The Juicer says:

    Lovely graffiti, and your posting it here does give others an opportunity to see something they would not have. The photograph is probably not art, you are right in questioning that, but was the purpose of this post to share ‘your’ art? If the purpose was to share a piece of art you saw and liked, then this post serves that purpose well.

    That’s why we all love travelers and street photographers don’t we? 🙂 Some photographs are just the plain eye’s view, and it’s no less fun viewing them. The trouble would be if you start presenting a photo like this as a work of art, coz that would not fit for sure. And you ain’t.

    Btw, I love street art, and the likes of me are grateful for every inch they get to see 🙂

  2. davecandoit says:

    Good points. Thanks. I’m big on street art too, the grittier the better.

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